Team Offsites

In a fast-paced environment it’s easy to get caught up in churning through work all day every day.

Sometimes it’s critical to get people together to have those broader conversations and focus on what matters and align together. Whether in person or online, we are experts at designing and facilitating engaging, thought provoking and action-oriented leadership / executive offsites where you get to have the conversations needed to move your team forwards.

Areas we cover

We work with teams to provide an objective input and third-party facilitation to allow them to focus on what really matters.

Examples of what we’ve been asked to help with include

● New team formation
● Building trust and alignment
● Getting under the skin of team relationships
● Determining strategic direction and agreeing priorities
● Shaping team /business culture

Contact us to bring some hustle to your next team offsite.

Our aim is to inspire and enable your team to bring about sustained, positive change and key to this is getting in a room together and having those open and honest conversations.

Hear from offsite clients…

"Enjoyed the overall facilitation of the day particular the energy that Carolyn brought."
"I can truly say that over one day you advanced the team, broke down barriers, presented a higher vision, gave us a LOT to chew over, and it was fun. Hard to say more"