Professional Coaching

Coaching empowers you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s about having conversations with purpose where you identify the actions you’ll take to move forwards.

Whether that’s about accelerating your performance, building your confidence or tackling a particularly knotty problem, we ask powerful questions and use strong listening skills to enable you to reach your goals.

Coaching can be transformative on an individual and team level. It can unblock thinking, spark creativity and boost confidence leading to greater performance, confidence and fulfilment. Who wouldn’t want coaching?!

Our specialised areas

We work on a 1-2-1 basis and with teams to focus on a wide range of personal and professional situations and topics.

Examples of where we can help include:

● Stepping up in a new role
● Building your leadership brand and confidence
● Enhancing your management skills
● Reducing overwhelm and burnout
● Empowering you to make a tough call
● Effectively navigating relationships at work
● Accelerating team cohesion
● Special rates are available for those funding the coaching personally.

We have a team of highly qualified coaches who have been coaching individuals from first time managers all the way to c-suite executives across the world, building confidence and capabilities so we can ensure you can find a coach that’s the right fit and style for you.

What does a Hustle House coaching package look like?

We will tailor each coaching package specifically to the individual but here’s an example of a typical approach:

● 30-minute Chemistry / Discovery call
● Initial 75-minute coaching call
● 5x1hr subsequent coaching sessions
● Mid-point review
● Provision of tools and resources through-out
● End of coaching review with coachee and manager

Contact us today for more information or to book a discovery call.

Hear from our coaching clients…

"I feel I have come a long way in the last 6 months. I was able to report progress in every meeting, and my main goal was to become a better manager and leader for my growing team. I've become more confident in my direction of the team, and more comfortable with letting the team take control of their own projects."
"More than ever, as I have gone through this huge change in my life, I continue to benefit from the coaching and my short time with Carolyn has had a profound impact on both how I am as an individual and as a business owner."
"Just wanted to let you know I was offered the promotion this morning! Very excited and pleased all the hard work has come off! Really appreciate your support with this and the session we had a couple of weeks ago gave me the best chance to ace the interview."
"I feel like I have some achievable next steps which have already given me some clarity and will help me to actually focus on getting something done"
"Your style and approach has been a real benefit to their development journey."
" ...have always looked forward to our sessions. They have been invaluable to me. I feel so much better in myself - and whilst that's not necessarily a tangible statement sometimes the way you feel can have a big impact!"
"As a result of these coaching sessions I have a toolkit that I can lean on as a frame of reference, that is applicable under many scenarios and not just against my objectives. I took action off the back of coaching sessions that I probably wouldn't have otherwise done, and certainly not in as timely a manner"
"This coaching came at very good time, as professionally (and in some ways personally), I was struggling with what I wanted, what was happening and how to own my future. In working with Desiree, it helped me see things I could not see before, and provided me with confidence and an outlet to reassess and decide to become the main character in my story instead of a supporting cast member."
"It was great to be able to have open and frank conversations with Desiree! The honest feedback and gentle guidance helped me get clarity about my next steps Thank you."
"Coaching has opened my mind to new ideas and made me realise things about myself I didn’t consider important before."