At the heart of Hustle House is an unshakeable belief in the power of investing in the growth and development of people.

It can transform team and business performance and it can have a profound impact on self-worth and confidence.

Our programmes sit at the heart of our work, supporting individuals to make that positive shift in the way they learn and lead.

Most people in leadership or management positions get there by being technically strong in their chosen field.

We help build confidence and capability in the additional skills and mindset needed to create the conditions for others to succeed – building kick-ass leaders and teams. Whether you’re looking to address a specific need or elevate leadership more broadly, we can help. Here’s a selection of what we cover:

Personal leadership

  • Understanding yourself and how you relate to others (EQ)
  • Building your personal leadership brand
  • Working effectively on what matters
  • Developing your resilience and personal wellbeing
  • Driving your own development

Team leadership

  • Building a high-performance team based on trust
  • Flexing your style to get the best out of others
  • Developing an agile and change-ready team mindset
  • Coaching for performance and potential
  • Delegating for development and growth

Business leadership

  • Setting a compelling vision and plan for delivering on it
  • Initiating and executing changes effectively
  • Shifting between strategic and operational thinking
  • Influencing key stakeholders
  • Role-modelling culture and key behaviours

We know that if anything is to change then it needs to be simple, meaningful and embedded in everyday life.

Our programmes do just that. We offer a blended experience where learning takes place through a combination of virtual / face-to-face workshops, coaching and self-study. We customise content, delivery method, models and duration according to what’s right for you but we also know that for learning to stick it needs to be about more than a great workshop.

We complement our workshops with impactful support activities and resources, designed to focus continuous learning and facilitate lasting change.

We truly want people to remember what they learn and actually use it, IRL (in real life).

Each programme is designed to suit your business needs, identified through the diagnostic work done by us at Hustle House or by you, the client.

We work hard to define clear measures of success and ensure you know what your return on investment will look like.

Action Videos

Pre-recorded 'call to action' videos specifically created to accompany the core content.

Practical Activities

Bespoke activities & resources to support and reinforce learning and build knowledge beyond workshops.

Coaching Circles

Opportunities for participants to practice what they've learned in sessions through peer work and coaching, tackling real scenarios and challenges.


All resources hosted on a dedicated Leaming Platform accessible from your laptop any time.

Live Workshops

ln-person or virtual workshops on core content.

Accountability Trios

Partnered trios to create opportunities to share ideas and hold each other accountable.

Learning Boosters

Regular prompts to participants to encourage learning recall and application (via email, Slack/Teams)


Using tools such as SDI and DISC to deepen understanding of self and others.

Hear from clients and participants on our programmes

The approach to presenting and enabling us to experience and try out different concepts and techniques has been really interesting – Participant, Informa
'It felt like a very safe space where nothing was right or wrong, and the engagement was always encouraging. I have already made some significant changes in my management style, and feel comfortable and confident continuing to do so."
"Programme quality was fantastic and very interactive. Learnings were applied to specific colleague issues. Coaching sessions were extremely useful to pinpoint areas for improvement."
"I enjoyed the content as it was varied and different from other leadership training I have done before. Very interesting perspectives and approaches. Content was great and thought-provoking. Thank you for delivering a thorough and varied content schedule."
"Huge thanks to Kirsten for all her patience, support and valuable information. Really enjoyed the programme and I'm buzzing to become a better coach over time.
"This leadership programme has helped to broaden my insights and perspective as a leader today. Thank you."
"The programme has been incredibly empowering.... there were some intense moments too.... a real work-out for the mind!"
"I really enjoyed the style and energy of the course"
"The course material on the bespoke Learning Platform is fantastic. I watched all the videos and intend on reading some of the suggested books."
"I can see and feel how this programme has further cemented a group of colleagues who say hi to each other into a team of leaders who can create value together."
"Transformational is how I would describe the effect the course has had on my leadership"
"We’ve seen a 22% increase in positive management quality scores since implementation The GC Way Leadership Programme by Hustle House"

Are you ready to get your Hustle on?